ALEXANDROS - Litohoro, Leptokaria, Katerini, Pieria, Thessaloniki Real Estate Constructions
ALEXANDROS - Litohoro, Leptokaria, Katerini, Pieria, Thessaloniki Real Estate Constructions

Litohoro is a tourist resort, lying 24 km from Katerini and one of the most picturesque municipalities of the Pieria County. The locals usually call it “The Gate to the God residences” as it is built at the slopes of Mt Olympus.


Litohoro is a unique combination of mountain and sea. The view from the top of Mt Olympus is enchanting, while at its shore there is a large number of tourist accommodation facilities and relevant infrastructure that are visited by numerous people, Greeks and foreigners, all year round.




        The fascinating Enipea valley, where the water of the river descending Mt Olympus form small lakes or suddenly disappear in sinkholes. Here, according to the myth, Maenads tore apart the musician Orpheas and threw his head in the gulch.

        The Monastery of St Dionysios built by the saint himself around 1500. In 1828 it was destroyed by the Turkish, it was restored in 1856 and then ravaged by the Germans who feared that it was a refuge for the rebels.

        The peaks of Mt Olympus. At the peak of St Antonios archaeological finds (dedicatory inscriptions, coins, pottery work) have been unearthed that verify the existence of a sanctuary dedicated to Zeus in the Hellenistic Times.

        The archaeological site of Dion. In this site there is an archaeological park of 1,500 sq meters with lush vegetation and springs.

        The spots of St Ioannis, Prophet Ilias and Prionia where you can find tourist kiosks with magnificent view.

        The post-byzantine churches of the village.


Litohoro has a very long history, one that has been continuous, unbroken by the passage of time. Its sources lie in myth and tradition.

 It is said that Litohoro was founded by the inhabitants of the ancient city Pibleia, a small city to the south, which was the centre of worship of the Pibleiade Muses and fell under the jurisdiction of the famous city of Dion. Built on the banks of the Enipea river, Pibleia was eventually flooded and destroyed by it, and its inhabitants eventually moved to the present site of Litohoro.


During the Ottoman occupation, Litohoro became the refuge/hideout for the area's armatoli (freedom fighters). Here Nikotsaras met a hero's death in 1807. It was also the site of the first revolutionary attempt in 1878 with the bishop Kitrus Nikolaos as its leader. This attempt was unsuccessful and as a consequence Litohoro was destroyed.  Despite its destruction, it remained one of the most important places of the area and at the beginning of the century it had 3,000 residents, Greek schools and an educational centre.


Today Litohoro is a city of 10,000 residents with a fully-fledged network of services and it is easily accessible by car or train. It lies 92 km from Thessaloniki and 65 from Larisa. From the new national road, by turning right and at a distance of 5 km, you can easily reach Litohoro, at 300m above sea level, built at the slopes of Mt Olympus.


Travelling from Thessaloniki to Athens, after Katerini you can admire on your right the impressive Mt Olympus, which is snow-covered all year round with its steep gorges with lush vegetation.


The town thanks to its size and infrastructure can accommodate the intense influx of tourists of the broader region.


Two different views, exceptional beauties and an endless blue sea, free of industrial waste and protected from mass tourism.



Indicative distance:

Athens – Litohoro: 450km

Thessaloniki – Litohoro: 92km

Katerini – Litohoro: 24km



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